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“Light” a short movie by David Parker

OK we are late on this, but maybe slow is the future of an ecologically sustainable  planet. This gorgeous short movie by David Parker is ominously slow-burning

“Light’, a short movie by David Parker, aims to flag up  the mindless waste involved in leaving lights on. On the Sunday/Paper site (a collaboration between Parker and writer, advertising creative and film director Cole Schreiber) Parker explains, “Bleeding, crying lights were meant to metaphorically parallel the way in which we invisibly squander our natural resources without much thought. While the original sentiment remains, the film also grew into a poetic statement about a world run amok and the human tendency to exploit that which we hold dear.”

Occupying that spooky territory, of Gregory Crewdson and David Lynch where objects have a life of their own, the film cost $15k. Parker told The Atlantic magazine that the movie was inspired by designer Pieke Bergmans.

During January, the movie was looped in some screen in Times Square in January, and is currently on show at the Workshop in San Francisco.

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