Wallpaper from the ISM 1 Noo Emotions Briefing

By popular demand, the set of Wallpapers our readers asked asked for from ISM Briefing 1 Noo Emotions

For everyone who asked for some Wallpapers from the popular Noo Emotions ISM Briefing 1, here they are in a variety of sizes for your different Noo Media! Crosstalgia, Hyperbelonging, Mangry and Melight. Discover more Noo Emotions and definitions in the Noo Emotions Briefing.

And keep an eye on IMSO over the next week for Wallpapers from our just released ISM 2 Briefing Superconnection.

Download ISM Briefing 1 Noo Emotions here, and ISM Briefing 2 Superconnection here


“Crosstalgia – Deep anger that the present isn’t like the past made more annoying by the fact the past is all archived on the web”

Download Crosstalgia Wallpaper

Hyper Belonging

“Hyperbelonging – The intense feeling of warmth we get with online communities, particularly with loyal readers/followers of blogs.”

Download Hyper Belonging Wallpaper


Mangry – fear of masculinity being threatened, expressed in rage. Mainly demonstrated online in the comments sections of newspaper articles.

Download Mangry Wallpaper


Melight – The rush of pleasure when seeing a surge of likes for your blog or posts.

Download Melight Wallpaper

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