DDB Sydney

A set of new ads from DDB Sydney, and shot by Andreas Bommert, highlights the advantage of new Volkswagen technology in squeezing a car into small parking space.

Who knew that over 50 years after DDB’s first Think Small campaigns for the Volkswagen Beetle, which tried to sell the virtue of a small car when people believed in big, DDB Sydney have returned to the issue of size and space. This time trying to sell the benefits of its parking technology.

DDB Sydney

The advantages of the “Park Assist” technology  is visualized as the space between two unpleasant options. If your sense of space and wheel locking isn’t exact you’ll crash into the police or a Hell’s Angel-type line of motor bikes.

DDB Sydney

There’s a strain of Volkswagen ads that have a healthy visual sense of the absurd, shrinking down the promises and claims of car commercials to a human scale.

Like the classic ads below, shown recently in the UK on Sky TV during the ad breaks of the Mad Men season Premiere, which are humorous reflections on the idea of size and value.


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