Online video editing suite Stroome
New report reveals role of social media in Arab Spring. Online collaborative editing suite Stroome played its part

The Dubai School of Government have just released the Arab Social Media Report examining “data on Twitter and Facebook users in all 22 Arab countries, in addition to Iran, Israel and Turkey, highlighting the role they played in the civil movements that swept the region during that period.”  On the media side there has already been plenty of justifiable hoopla around the role of Twitter in shaping War Reporting but not so much on the collaborative video-editing suite Stroome.


The word “stroome” is Dutch for “move freely” and company founders Tom Grasty and Nonny de la Pena wanted the name to express the idea of  content moving freely. Grasty and De La Pena combine an extensive history in Hollywood, Digital Tech and Journalism. They have recently had a redesign and for those who missed it, it’s worth checking out how Stroome played its part in the Arab Spring, for Eyptian protestors desperate to get their footage out with some sort of narrative. As much as text helps spread information, images as we know, move opinion and shape decision-making by people and governments.



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