Chris Floyd

New apps, sites and photo projects are marking a subtle shift in how we define online relationships


While Google are hoping the Circles will become shorthand for digital relationships in a very short time, Photographer Chris Floyd has just completed his One Hundred and Forty Characters project prompted by Twitter. The photographer fell in love with Twitter (not Facebook or MySpace). He writes on his blog,


“Whereas Facebook seems to allow the user to construct a perceived or projected existence for themselves through the deployment of various convenient aids, Twitter just strips it all away and leaves the user with nothing but the utilitarian tool of 140 characters and the imagination of language.  Over a sustained period of time or patch of ground you are always going to betray yourself.  By that I mean that you will, layer by layer, reveal who you are and this will continue to be an ongoing and ever revelatory process.”


So he spent a year photographing 140 characters he followed. The result is this poster and a video.


What this project has in common with Google + is that it draws a line around relationships, sets a visual limit, which makes the engagement richer. Whereas the first wave of social networking was about broad and shallow, this next wave of Twitter, Instagram and Google + (which all set limits in different ways) is about deeper and focused engagement.


You can buy the Poster here


And listen to the character stories below

[vimeo clip_id=”25742919″ width=”600″ height=”385″]


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