The United States’ Transport Security Administration, otherwise known as the TSA, have turned to Instagram to highlight some of the items confiscated by their agents at airports nationwide.

The TSA aren’t exactly America’s favourite Government agency. Often faced with heavy public criticism over search techniques, body scanners and more, the TSA has a hard-time justifying their heavy-handed approach. However a new Instagram account set up under the @tsablogteam moniker may be about to change all that.

The TSA have been posting artsy images of grenades, guns, bullets and cigarette-style stun guns for just under a week, and in that time have managed to mass thousands of followers. Images of confiscated items have been kept on their blog since 2008, but the move to Instagram has been an ingenious way of publicising and educating travellers about the risks faced by Security staff and travellers everyday.

“The Transportation Security Administration uses a variety of ways to engage with the traveling public in order to provide timely information that assists them in traveling safely,” the TSA said in a statement sent to ABC News.

Take a look at some of the images from the account below. To see the whole collection, visit the TSA Instagram account.

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