Image Source. Food stock photos.

New analysis reveals the popularity of food photography. No surprise, when it comes to food images we have a sweet tooth


It seems we not only love to share food with friends, we love to shares picture food. It’s partly driven by new tools and food sites. A survey by 360i analyses the kinds of uses pictures of food serve for people.


25% are tracking their food consumption


22% document the making of meals, their creation


16% capture special occasions like birthdays, weddings, Thanksgiving


12% shoot food for artistic reasons


People are most likely to share photos of Desserts, followed by Vegetables, then Poultry and right at the bottom of the extensive list comes frozen/canned food – there is no Warhol revival for the moment.


“The food photo sharing phenomenon,” say the authors, “is in full swing with new tools popping up all the time, such as Foodspotting, Fiddme,, and the recently added photo capabilities to Foursquare. Showing – not just telling – others what you’re eating is becoming mainstream.”


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