Agency: Mcgarrybowen, London

The Canon campaign for their high zoom IXUS and PowerShot products shows a subtle shift in the public view of photography. The photograph is no longer simply a record of a moment, it’s a canvas to play with

Perhaps we should have registered the true impact of The Dear Photograph phenomenon last year. It wasn’t just about nostalgia, or how we organise our photography, or even the passing of time. It was about how consumers are seeing the photographic image in a very different way. Photography is now deeply integrated into people’s everyday life, but it’s a very new idea of photography.

For a brief moment, the cameraphone and Facebook heralded the age of the photo as instant documentation. But spurred on by Instagram and a public used to playing with filters, manipulating and playing with imagery, that traditional view of photography is changing.

Agency: Mcgarrybowen, London

From a naïve idea of photography as simply reflecting ‘reality’, consumers’ use of photography is much closer to the idea of what we would call ‘creative’ photography.

This campaign by Canon, The Power To Get Closer has a strapline that echoes the promise of photography – that the photograph is a revelation. Yet the framing and visuals of this image very firmly lock on to consumers’ increasing perception of photograph as a canvas to play with.

This will shape advertising imagery in the years to come. In what ways it’s not yet clear. At the very least these ads subtly suggest the relationship of images to ‘reality’ are getting a little more complicated.

Any thoughts?

Agency: Mcgarrybowen, London

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