Sigrid Gombert, Image Source / Cultura RM
Sigrid Gombert, Image Source / Cultura RM

In the first of a new series examining a top-selling image, Art Director Lee Wheatley takes a close look at the appeal of Sigrid Gombert’s Healthcare Minimalism

The Market

We have known for sometime how potentially lucrative the medical/science market is. The Direct to Consumer Advertising (DTCA) has mushroomed from $55 million in 1991, to $7.125 billion in 2005. These figures are for the US only, so one can only imagine the figures globally and updated to present day. It should also be noted that the figures only represent a fraction of the total spends of the healthcare industry’s advertising, these figures don’t include B2B or internal branding. The value of the individual sale this image accrued, suggests a buoyant market for specialist content.


What I like about this image is its singularity. It is unburdened of other visual information which may dilute its message, or indeed concept. When looking at the image, its target demographic is obvious (healthcare consumers), yet it transcends that, and could be employed as a voice for ideas, as much as product. Looking at this image the following concepts come to mind: Authority, belief, trust, comfort, confidence.

Photographer Insight

Sigrid Gombert “It pictures a place which needs no words – it’s all about health. The image is built from whiteness and space, all the visual information is inside and reduced. Because the visuals are so reduced, there is no face for example, you are free to imagine the person.”

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