Image from Nofinder an app inspired by expressionist Japanese photographer

Photo apps like Instamatic changed the way we use and share photography. Here are five apps we are currently liking, from apps to make your images move to apps that turn the clock back on camera technology

1. Cinemagram

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The meme of 2011 becomes the app of 2012.  Make bits of your photo move, like a movie. Or like a freaky thing in a still image.

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2. Incredibooth

With a name that has a PT Barnum circus feel, the Incredibooth takes your iPhone photo and turns them into an old photobooth, the kind you and your friends would squeeze into, get photos taken and receive a strip of photos.

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3. Blend Cam

Superimpose your photos with ghostly effects.

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4. DMD Panorama

Who doesn’t like big pictures? An easy to use panorama app.

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5. No Finder

We all know the feeling of too much choice, too much stuff, so how about turning your iphone camera into a toy? No flash, no viewfinder, no autofocus. Photography as a celebration of the random. Though Marty Yawnick of Life In Lofi says the app is inspired by the “nofinder, expressionist style of Japanese street photographer Daido Moriyama.”

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