Smarter Every Day

Mashable’s video of the day was a slo-mo water balloon ‘experiment’. Yeah sure like the experiments you used to conduct as kids. Here’s a top five including film-making’s own Jackass duo, The Slow Mo Guys


Hey Ma! It was science!

The bio on the Smarter Every Day  YouTube channel says, “Daddy first, Rocket Scientist second, sleep deprived video maker third.” Maybe only a sleep deprived Rocket Scientist-Dad could produce science experiments looking like this. You know when you were a kid, and you’d thrown a water balloon at the neighbour and were looking for an excuse to tell your mum? Try this… “I calculated the resonant frequency of his nose…33Hz”


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It Takes Two

The Slow Mo guys, Gav and Dan, have generated a bit of a cult with their high-speed camera work. Here the guys create  some remarkable graphic shapes as the balloon splits.


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You Can’t Argue With 24 Million Viewers


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Slo mo droplet action from Discovery

Dry Ice Balloons. Another sci-fi experiment. Why should I believe him? He’s wearing a white coat and a grey wig.


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If you wear Ray-Bans, prepare for a balloon to the face


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Never hide? It’s not exactly hard when you are stuck in a field with nothing but a chair…






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