To mark the Wimbledon fortnight we bring you the best tennis promos: 3D tennis balls; Roger Federer as a marksman and axeman; Novak Djokovic’s nipple tassles; Bjorn Borg’s underwear; and a mysterious Head of Finance, “My name’s Bo and I am a Moneysexual” 


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Crayon for Sony
1. Sony are filming the Wimbledon Tournament in 3D and ad agency Crayon have spun out the original Sony Bravia “Balls”. It’s the kind of thing the Ball Boys and Girls have nightmares over.
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2. One of the great marriages between image and brand. Gillette shaves smooth. Roger Federer is a smoothie. Roger Federer is smoother than the entire songbook of Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Federer is so smooth he makes George Clooney look like Krusty the Clown. Federer is so smooth and cool, aliens from far distant galaxies visit Earth each Christmas to ice-skate on Federer’s aura. In this classic ad for Gillette, Federer replicates the legend of William Tell with a tennis ball. Some say it was a hoax, a set-up, fake but they are the kind of unshaven fools who wear odd socks.
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3. “The 90s just called and they are going to want their boy band back,” says the commentator in this ad for Head tennis gear featuring Novak Djokovic. Grand Slam winner, tennis-player-impressionist and a man who is secure enough in his own sexuality to wear nipple tassles in a public space. If Roger is the smoothest, Djokovic wins the Grand Slam of good humoured self-mockery.
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4. Roger is also an brilliant axeman.
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5. 1970s tennis icon Bjorn Borg, known as the Ice Man, changed the face of tennis in the 70s with his baseline game and headband that swept away his mane of blond hair. He later went on to build his own underwear company and this high camp promo for online underwear retailer Freshpair runs through some classic 70s archetypes. Nice.




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