Camino by Hyperpotamus. Directed by Lucas Borras

A selection of great promos from SXSW, that feature singing trees, singing crotches and….Shock Horror!!! Singing…. singers….

The SXSW Festival is showing a selection of cracking music promos form the last year, and we trawled long and hard through beautiful, strange and wonderfully certifiable promos, and settled on the unique creative take of these five.  We cheated a little, including a movie that isn’t really a music promo but has a singing pirate. So that’s ok.

All quotes are from the SXSW website

1. Random Strangers

Director Alexis Dos Santos on a Chatroulette love affair.

They Say: “Using video diaries, secret confessions, fictional representations of facts of their lives made with toys, dance performances and songs they create a place where they can truly be themselves.”

We Say: “The eye-patch is a good look. Not sure about the Lucha Libre.”

2.  Big Bad Wolf

A music promo but entered into the Midnight Shorts category. The kind of short to give you bad dreams. The kind of short that makes you want to give up wearing shorts. Or thinking about shorts.  Or thinking about anything that has any mental association with any of this.

They say: “Keith Schofield’s original, outrageous and very, very funny promo for Duck Sauce’s single Big Bad Wolf has been burning up the internet, causing millions of pelvises to be thrusted worldwide.”

We say: “The spirit of Windowlicker is alive and well, though feels more like Wind-eww-licker.”

3. Syndromes

Syndromes Directed by Norwegian Kristoffer Borgl for New York electronic music duo The Golden Filter is atmospherically ominous.

They Say: “New York electronic music duo, The Golden Filter, have collaborated with Norwegian director Kristoffer Borgli to create a darkly beautiful short film entitled SYNDROMES. The film focuses on a young girl’s bizarre and unexplained ability to heal the wealthy elite, leading to her involvement in a sinister underworld.”

We Say: “Natural talent is good, but even with the bills, med school’s got be more fun than this?”

4.  Parix

[vimeo clip_id=”30335089″ width=”600″ height=”385″]

Directed by Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen Parix for Danish Duo When Saints Go Machine, is an elegy to that youthful state of drift, part boredom, part meditation part experience of freedom.

They Say: “Parix is depicted teenage procrastination. Whatever direction you move it hurts. And you ask yourself: Why am I here fucking up my life so crucially? Why can’t I do what’s best for me? Your mind is floating, but you’re caught and afraid of going anywhere.”

We Say: “Smells like Teen Spirit”

5. De Camino

Director Lucas Borras’ hypnotic video De Camino for Hyperpotamus about how a song builds, grows and takes wing.

They Say: “The video begins by concentrating on the singer and explicit the polyphonic mechanism through which the base of the song is constructed. When the lyrics start, the video turns to a natural scene, more lyrical and organic.”

We Say: “Cosmic!”

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