Babies mimicking adults is a surefire viral YouTube hit. Creepy cool. Could this genre of baby videos have inspired the Rocksmith Guitar Baby viral?

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I don’t like you mommy.
1. Every Mum and Dad recognises that moment when you think parenting could be so much easier with a ready supply of cookies. Cupboard love!
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Say Fire Truck!
2. Laugh all you like, tongue twisters can get really twisty when you’re four. Fire Truck is a really tough word combo.
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Star Wars according to a 3 year old
3. Film critics just keep getting younger and younger.
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I need a job before getting married
4.Independent woman. Not taking any of your nonsense.
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What are you going to do to the monster?
5. An eye-for-an-eye. No monster’s going mess with my playroom.
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Guitar Baby!
And finally: Precociously talented axe-man. Don’t be fooled by the sweet-looking face. ¬†On tour has been known to throw toys, poop in pants, and vomit up dinner. Rock ‘n’ Roll!




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