Burton Snowboarding Website
There’s a marketing nirvana somewhere between Trend Forecasting and Weather Forecasting 



Fashion brands keep a keen eye on the future, but the website for snowboarding brand Burton, watches the weather, enabling their customers to see what clothes they will need to be wearing, or buying. 



It’s an imaginative and practical use of data. And using accompanying images of wet/freezing/baked people (depending on the weather) would certainly put readers in the moment.  There’s an opportunity for businesses and a benefit for consumers who have the chance to buy exactly what they need. Think bike sites offering roadworks or transport news, selling bikes and bike accessories to commuters happy to avoid frustration and hassle ? road data alongside pictures of traffic jams juxtaposed with images freewheeling cyclists. Or supermarkets offering a 48-hour discount on porridge and soup ahead of a cold snap. In a digital world  where data-gathering is second nature it’s likely we will see more ‘predictive’ photography.


Thanks to Adverblog


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