Photographer Steve Prezant

Steve Prezant tells us about the photo shoot prop that’s a memento of romance, the film-maker who never let visual craftsmanship get in the way of great storytelling, and the bravado of a swimmer

Photographer Steve Prezant’s client list is an alphabet of commerce, from AT&T to Citibank to Glaxo Smith Kline, Sony Music and the United States Navy. On his website his bio photo features Steve on a steel bench in front of a black cutout silhouette of a Cowboy. A dash of humor, a good helping of visual drama, and a little bit of attitude, the photo captures the appeal of Steve Prezant’s work.

1. A shot of a single object that expresses a powerful memory/event?

Photographer, Steve Prezant

Steve Prezant: I met my wife on a photo shoot and the glass that we use for our toothbrushes was a prop that I took. It reminds me of that first meeting, where she wasn’t really taken with me, and how I learned then that that if you persevere you just might get what you want.

2. An image of three books (photography/fiction/biography etc) that have inspired you?

Photographer, Steve Prezant

Steve Prezant: To name a few, Mike Disfarmer, William Eggleston, Joel Sternfeld, Martin Parr…They make me want to put my cameras away. Or try harder.

3. Favorite photo you have taken?

Steve Prezant: The bravado of her dive with all those onlookers puts a smile on my face.

4. Favorite artist/photographer/image-maker

Steve Prezant: Sidney Lumet was an amazing and inspirational filmmaker who not only told great stories about the human condition but did so in an way where his craft didn’t overwhelm his subject. The Verdict is a great example.

5. Can you recreate the image of a scene from your favorite movie from the contents of your desk/bag?


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