Photographer Colin Gray

In the first part of our exploration of the work of Colin Gray, the photographer shows a window on the soul of his Teddy Bear, and reflects on a photograph of his Mum and Dad that marries creative wit with emotional poignancy

The personal statement in the intro to Colin Gray’s personal website: “I’m a commercial and fine art photographer. I have worked worldwide for a diverse range of advertising agencies, design consultancies and record companies.” And he has won numerous professional awards. And that doesn’t tell the half of it. Colin Gray has combined a very successful career as a commercial photographer with various personal projects, including the much-lauded In Sickness and In Health, a work that visualizes the impact of age and illness on his parents. Emotional clarity, combined with experimental vision and inventive storytelling make it one of the most telling explorations of love, and family relationships.

1. A shot of a single object that expresses a powerful memory/event

Colin Gray, Teddy Bear, 1994

Colin Gray: X-ray of my teddy bear, 1994. My childhood Teddy Bear, the one and only. I started doing x-rays in the early 90s to initially look inside my and my parents belongings. I started that x-ray trend that is now commonplace, Untitled everywhere.

2. An image of three books that have inspired you

Photographer: Colin Gray

3. Favourite photo you have taken?

Colin Gray, Heaven and Hull, 1980

Colin Gray: Heaven and Hull, 1990. This image really sums my parents relationship: Mum dressed as an angel, though far from it, squashes dad, the benign devil, in his place. This stops him from going out to the betting shop and pub. We had a great laugh doing this shot, it reminds me of what a great couple they were.

4. Favorite artist/movement/photographer/image-maker?

Colin Gray: Surrealism

5. Can you recreate the image of a scene from your favorite movie from the contents of your desk/bag?

Photographer: Colin Gray

Colin Gray: One Week by Buster Keaton 1920, the part where the house spins on Friday 13th.

Check in later in the week for the second part of our interview with Colin Gray


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