Photographer Anna Moller

One magazine recently called photographer Anna Moller, “One of the 10 Most Inspiring Young Artists in New York”, and looking through her Portfolio you can see why. Here Anna reflects on the images and inspiration closest to her heart

Anna Moller’s photography lingers on the contours of our emotional life, sometimes bright and starkly honest, sometimes with the psychological layers and contrasts of chiaroscuro, but always with an eye for the physical detail of our emotional space. Anna reflects on some of the images and work that sits behind her photography

1. A shot of a single object that expresses a powerful memory/event

Photographer Anna Moller

Anna Moller: I was walking with my grandparents around the property where my grandfather grew up and we came across this old pair of shoes in the greenhouse. They belonged to his mother, who passed away when he was very young. They had been sitting there for a lifetime and in there was such a strength and simplicity their presence. I felt they told a beautiful story.

2.  Three books that have inspired you?

Photographer Anna Moller

Anna Moller: Billy Collins and Shel Silverstein, 2 poets who lead you into their worlds with their visions and words.

And Ralph Eugene Meatyard, a photographer whose work emphasizes a deeper and more soulful approach to children’s portraiture.

3. Favorite photo you have taken?

Photographer Anna Moller

Anna Moller: I love this photo that I took of my sister and my niece some summers ago in Sweden.  I feel like I entered a graceful space here. When I work, I think a lot about emotion and connection and if I can witness and also capture something intimate without a sense of intrusion, then I am content.

4. Favorite artist/photographer/image-maker?

Photographer Viviane Sassen, Flamboya

Anna Moller: I am really interested in Viviane Sassen’s work. I think her images are incredibly powerful.  She weaves together elements of time, place and humanity in such a raw and aesthetically intriguing way.  One can sense that there is a strange mix of relatedness and unfamiliarity in her approach and the oddity of that is very engaging.

[vimeo clip_id=”34273693″ width=”600″ height=”385″]

5. Can you recreate the image of a scene from your favorite movie from the contents of your desk/bag?

Photographer, Anna Moller

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