From the Demons show by Street Photographer Boogie at The Outsider gallery
Photographer Boogie’s dark new exhibition, “Demons”, highlights current fascination with unpredictable process

‘Unpredictability’ is increasingly a highly prized word in the lexicon of photographers, as they admire processes that lend an air of the unexpected to the final image. “I used a wet plate collodion process,” says street photographer Boogie of the photographs for his new show Demons at the Outsiders Gallery in Newcastle, UK. “It was amazing to feel like an alchemist, mixing chemicals and pouring plates in my tiny dirty basement. Thereʼs dust and dirt everywhere and temperature varies, so the results are unpredictable. After doing the first few plates, I realised that something about this process captures peoplesʼ darker side.” Born in Belgrade, Boogie developed his photographic eye in Yugoslavia in the 1990s documenting the often savage civil war in his country, and has since traveled the world documenting the darker side of urban life, from Neo-Nazis, to gang members and drug addicts. He also shoots for clients such as Nike, HBO and Shellac, brands that sit more easily with his unflinching street style, and whose audience values ‘unpredictability.’



The Outsiders Gallery

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