Image Source/Charles Gullung
The return of a practical, no-fuss hairstyle is an early indicator  of wider visual trends

Stylecaster who are partnering with Coke on their limited edition line of Diet Coke are also predicting that the ponytail will be a Fall/Autumn fashion trend, “no longer being confined to the walls of the gym; rather it is seeing its high fashion heyday with either a touch of volume or slicked back style.”


A high-fashion ponytail seems like a contradiction for a hairstyle that is rooted in the idea of the practical, fast-fix. If hairstyles are one indicator of economic and social feel-good (and who can forget the exuberant 80s era of Big Hair) it seems that uncertainty over the economy  will again prompt  consumers into more practical tastes in all aspects of lifestyling. The visual trend is plain, direct, no-fuss.


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