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Don’t fight it, resistance is futile, Cute is taking over the web and with the new AT+T spot it is taking over advertising too


Columnist Eva Wiseman in The Observer in London confesses to an addiction to “cute”.  A self-confessed cuteaholic she is one of the 104,329,785 million-plus clicks on the youtube video of a baby panda sneezing. And we have tracked recent waves of cute.


She suggests the most popular animal-cute vids (and cute videos are largely fluffy animals) are the ones where animals are mimicking some form of human activity. That’s probably as close a definition you’ll get of animal-cute, certainly fitting the bill of the recent cat-kitten hugs video dominating the viral charts.


Wiseman cites Ethologist Konrad Lorenz who otes that visual characteristics such as big eyes, big head, and round face “stimulate caretaking behaviour.” Which brings us to the AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G Smartphone spot. For cute addicts this may be the video that tips you over into overdose. Clever and Cute? Cutely Clever?  Too damned cute.


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