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The way we hold our tablets could shape the creation of pictures



Tim Bray writes persuasively that tablets should be read with the short bits at top and bottom, citing newspapers, books and windows on computer monitors (on which I am writing this txt doc) which are taller than wider.  But he says, “ I find that full-size (i.e. iPad or Xoom scale) devices often sit most comfortably in the hand when held sideways. And, during a recent presentation I attended on app design for the tablet form factor, someone pointed out that a landscape-mode tablet, unlike a portrait-mode handset, recalls the shape of computer monitor; so presumably the user-experience lessons we’ve learned designing for monitors begin once again to apply.” A random office sample in the office reveals that people hold their tablets ‘lengthways’, suggesting that if the tablet really does become mainstream we may see photographers ‘seeing’, and shooting, much more landscape format. Opinion on Bray’s site is split. Do you hold your tablet landscape or portrait?


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