Photographer Jean-Paul Goude
Before the physical version of Paper magazine was actually released, its digital cover by Jean Paul Goude had already ensured a second life, a third life, a life where the celebrity image is the intangible currency of extraordinary power

The Winter issue of Paper magazine might not have broken the internet but it gave it a damn good hammering! Nothing techy was involved, no viruses released – just the old fashioned exposure of a well known, well-oiled behind!

Photographer Jean-Paul Goude

Photographer Jean-Paul Goude’s images of Kim Kardashian pastiched his original 1970s version with Carolina Beaumont and resulted in five million unique visitors to the magazine’s site in the first 30 hours, according to Paper’s Chief Creative Officer, Drew Elliott. “We believe we have had more visitors but Google Analytics is down,” said Elliott, who pointed to significant traffic as the reason. “So we’ve literally broken the Internet.”

The #BreakTheInternet tag on Twitter gave rise to a lot of debate about the questionable taste of the cover and also some very amusing parodies.  The magazine had not even hit the news stands at this point; it lived entirely online.

To complete this perfect digital circle, print issues of Paper have been selling very well on eBay.  And in the tradition of Demi Moore’s pregnant Vanity Fair cover and John Lennon’s naked Rolling Stone cover, will continue to do so for some time yet.


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