CREDIT: Unusual Christmas Tree Collage


The lyrics of O Tannenbaum, a traditional German carol, begin as such (according to at least one translation): ‘O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Thy leaves are so unchanging’. I’ll have you know, O Christmas tree, thy leaves are very easily changed. In festive advertising campaigns, some from this holiday season, others from Christmas past, companies are making yuletide trees out of bottles, barrels, French fries, electronics – the list goes on. Here are a selection, in video and print.




This holiday season…



Heineken’s Social Tree



The first initiative of Heineken’s recently announced global partnership with Facebook, Heineken Singapore turns the traditional Christmas tree into a social tree. The tree, consisting of 48 LCD screens, allows Facebookers to send a message to their family and friends.



Jack Daniel’s Barrel Tree



Jack Daniels is promoting its Holiday Select whisky with an integrated advertising campaign Holiday Barrel Tree. 187 white oak barrels from the company’s distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee are used to construct a giant Christmas tree.



Lego’s Lego Tree



Toymaker Lego has erected a 12.2 metre high Christmas tree made from 600,000 bricks at St. Pancras railway station. Read more about the lego tree here.



Comet’s Electronics Tree



Electronics retailer Comet have been highlighting in their recent campaign their remaining advantage over online retailers – personal service and getting your hands on the gadget before you buy (their slogan is ‘come and play at Comet’), In this festive advert Comet have some staff make a Christmas tree from electronics.




Christmas past…


Grolsch’s Bottle Tree



In 2010, lager Grolsch and the Swingtop Philharmonic Orchestra presented a ‘video Christmas card’ featuring a rendition of the carol ‘O Christmas Tree’ played exclusively on instruments made from Grolsch Swingtop bottles. The festive Grolsch ‘glockenspiel’ is revealed, at the end of the spot, as a Christmas tree made from Grolsch bottles.



Apple’s Earphone Tree



iPhone Christmas print ad designed by Kyle Rey.



McDonald’s Fry Tree



Print ad by TBWA\Neboko (advertising agency for McDonald’s in the Netherlands), released in 2008.



CreAd’s Pencil Tree



By and for advertising agency CreAds, Singapore.



Mercedes-Benz’s Tyre Tree



Print ad by Daimler AG, released in 2007.



Tide’s Ink Tree



Laundry detergent Tide wishes you a white Christmas.





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