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The most shared acronym expressions on Facebook… OMG! Its like a likable cute dog liking a young man. LMS…


Bryan Martin Hernandez’s feature on Mashable provides a useful overview of the main Facebook trends and memes of 2011. These Facebook trends echo the findings in the just published ISM ‘Noo Emotions’ Briefing which explores how imagery is changing, reflecting the new emotions generated by our digital life (OMG!).


The fastest growing acronyms on Facebook are ‘lms’ (Like My Status) and tbh (To Be Honest). As the Noo Emotions Briefing shows, our digital life has expanded the range of experiences we pack into our emotional life, and is shaping how images are being shared, used and made.


The appearance of ‘tbh’ as a way of expressing ‘sincerity’, mirrors the wider ‘authenticity’ trend in stock photos. Visually, ‘honest’ translates as ‘lo-fi’ production in professionally-produced imagery. Consumers have created the ‘honesty’ effect thought filters in Instagram and Hipstamatic which create an image that looks slightly vintage, or through washed out colour or scratches that give new images the marks of time.


In our Noo Emotions Briefing, ISM (the Image Source Monitor team) explore the new emotions generated by our new digital world and the pictures which visualize them. As with every trend there is also a counter-trend, and while people are adventurers exploring the future with abandon in their social networking, trying new apps out, in the imagery created with their smartphone camera-filters they are living in the past – sometime around 1976. The age of analog. Living in the future, seeing in the past.


People are ‘vintaging’ the present in their pictures as a counter-weight to the acceleration of digital technology in their lives. ISM is tracking and researching this trend and will keep readers informed.



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