Image Source. Megan Stancavish.  Food Stock Photos

The Superbowl always has one key moment, a moment of supreme physical effort, intense ambition and ultimate desire – yes it’s Snacktime. We thought we’d celebrate this celebration of sporting achievement and timeout snacking by looking at 5 unusual snack ads

Cubist Snack Mash

Before Wallace and Gromit, before Chicken Run, Aardman animations made this surreal angular 1950s/Cubist mash for UK brand ‘Skips’

Dumb and Dumber

Doritos have an armlock on Superbowl snack visuals. Here’s the classic fortune-telling spot from 2009. Their ads outmuscle Diesel in the Stupid stakes.

80s Snack Stars

Current UK snack spot featuring two 80s icons Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham.

Baby Snacks

Weird. But sometimes the truth is weird, like adults who sometimes behave like kids, and that strange man with the ping-pong ball head who’s always in restaurant kitchens? Or am I just imagining it.

What’s This Ad For?

Effective frequency. How many times do we need to be exposed to a piece of advertising before we get the message. Stewie and Brian from Family Guy argue. What was it they’re selling?

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