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Lady Gaga’s latest promo Haus Of U ft. Bride
Lady Gaga’s latest work promo directed by photography duo Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin features Steampunk detailing, in the rough mixture of wires, flesh and metal 


Lady Gaga’s fascination with creation and mutation is played out more subtly in her new promo Haus Of U ft. Bride. It’s the second of five fashion films she’s releasing for the single You and I. The operatic futurism of previous promos has been completely swept away by a fashion aesthetic – almost. 


Directed by photography duo Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin (who feature in our Art of Retouching article) and styling by former Dazed and Confused Creative Director Nicola Formichetti, the black and white video has the veneer of naturalism but with a styling twist.  Gaga’s arm with its various steel attachments, and her face which sports chin-to-ear wires and plating has Steampunk detailing.


Steampunk has its roots in an imagined Victorian age, that fuses Victorian culture and fashions with science fiction. Unlike the smooth fusion of human and technology in fictional characters such as the Terminator for example, Steampunk styling is less harmonious, you can see the joins between flesh and metal, skin and steel. Steampunk is an extension of the analogue reaction to smoothed over digital culture.  Haus Of U ft. Bride is a quieter, less dramatic addition, to Gaga’s visual language of creation, change and transformation.


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