From Star Wars Kinect

The image of Han Solo, dancing the night away in the new Star Wars Kinect has fans reaching for their light sabres

Mashable reports on the imminent launch of the new Star Wars game on Kinect suggesting that some fans are as unbalanced by it as a bunch of Buddhists at Jabba the Hutt’s. The game is a collection of different kinds of challenges.The main issue seems to be the various dance sequences, Han Solo dancing to a parody of Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo” called “I’m Han Solo”, (watching Return of the Jedi at Loews’ Columbus in 1983 I never imagined I would ever write that sentence)┬áthe disco at Jabba the Hut and other assorted moments that cruelly undermine the mythic quality of George Lucas’ world.

One comment on the sequence post by Thox on YouTube sums up one level of responses. “Have you ever had one of those moments where your brain can’t think of a proper response for something you’ve seen and you just feel empty inside? I think that’s what just happened to me, but I’m just not sure.”

And then there’s the dance sequence at Jabba the Hutt’s where Princess Leia dances to “Hollaback Girl”. But then Jabba was a guy who liked to party. One comment on the video below Sorry people, i must to go… to take my bloody-eyes out right now… O_O

And yet for those of us quick to shout ‘Why George? Why?!!” (actually make that weep), Dan Whitehead in his review on, has a different take,

“Fans, of course, will hate it, but that doesn’t alter the fact that it’s also the only section of Kinect Star Wars where both gameplay and technology feel in perfect harmony. There’s not much kudos to be earned by getting a dancing game right in 2012, but the sight of Princess Leia poppin’ and lockin’ while Vader rocks the disco is the only moment when this patchwork title not only comes to life. All the same, it feels like the work of people exploring beyond the margins of what’s expected from the licence.”

If you’re not a fan of Jabba the Huut and want different concepts of The Future


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