Sony has launched a new tutorial microsite aimed at the entry-level DSLR user.

Despite the booming smartphone market, DSLR cameras have continued to see their sales rise. With more and more people interested in the field, camera manufacturers have been lowering the entry barriers to some of their products and in turn increased the number of entry-level DSLRs that have been introduced to the market. Coupled with this, has been their willingness to engage in educating their customers about photography. Canon has had success with their DSLR simulator website“Outside of Auto” and now Sony is getting in on the action after today releasing their tutorial microsite, the Sony α Portal.

Screenshot from Sony's
Screenshot from Sony’s tutorial microsite

The Sony α Portal combines a number of video and photo tutorials on a wide variety of photographic subjects. Once you’ve finished in the ‘Learn’ section, you can move onto ‘Shooting Techniques’ to discover more about shooting in specific scenarios; low-light, macro, sport, urban and more. Each tutorial offers several approaches, breaking down each technique employed to achieve the end result.

Once you have made your way through all of the tutorials, the microsite offers information on Sony’s lenses, the advantages of Sony’s DSLR cameras as well as some inspiring content from the World Photography Awards.

Similar to Canon’s DSLR simulator, the microsite doesn’t go wildly beyond the basics of photography. However, even the most experienced of us get some bad habits and a little refresher every now and again can’t hurt too much!

Visit Sony’s α portal now


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