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The Evian campaign
A round-up of some numbers with media buzz that add up to some unusual communications

100 Million Plus


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Only two viral campaigns have been watched over 100 million times according to Ad Age in their Top 10 Viral Video Advertisements of All Time. Blendtec’s  –  Will it Blend (173 million plus) and Evian’s Live Young (158 million). Next up in third place is Old Spice Responses with a wimpish 80 million.





Build for Wallpaper, selecting GFSmith's Factory Yellow paper

The number of covers by designers for a project celebrating Wallpaper magazine’s 15th birthday. To see the set go to Creative Review.






The number of Batman titles being published. Is the Batman brand being diluted? Or success multiplying it?


Thanks Swiss Cheese and Bullets



Lone Gunman



Tamiya who produce plastic kits for modellers have produced a series of kits around ‘conspiracies’, including Roswell, Marilyn Monroe’s death, and JFKs assassination, alluding to the idea that you can “Put It Together” with Tamiya. But why is it coming out now? How many designers were really involved? I think we should be told.


Thanks Inspiration Room


5 PointzArts Centre


Credit: 5ptz.com website


According to The New York Times, the city’s Mecca for graffiti artists, a wall out in Long Island City Queen’s is being pencilled in for Urban development. The caretaker’s going to have to find a paint budget.

Thanks Animal


iPhone 5


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What will Apple’s new handset look like? Now that Steve’s moved on surely they have to do something spectacular? Holograms and Virtual reality and stuff? Maybe some Star Trek teleportation? Instant Karma? Here’s a video viral from Aatma Studio, been up a week and nearly 6 million views to date.




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