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A new report reveals the demographic of Social Networking Sites. But what do we all look like


The Pew Research Center (reports Mediabistro) have released their Social Networking Sites and Our Lives report and it confirms some of what we instinctively suspected – Facebook users are more trusting (“Yes and did you see the photos from last Friday’s party?”). They also discovered that in general social networkers are open to different perspectives in the world and are not “cocooners” as previously feared.



Here are some interesting stats




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32% of Linked In members are aged 36-49 and 23% are 50-65. Nearly twice as many men (63%) as women (37%) use LinkedIn. Let’s get down to business, LinkedIn is a middle-aged man who would rather share business chat than photos from that crazy last night at the Bilderberg Conference.



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Facebook users are more politically engaged than others:

“Compared with other internet users, and users of other SNS platforms, a Facebook user who uses the site multiple times per day was an additional two and half times more likely to attend a political rally or meeting, 57% more likely to persuade someone on their vote, and an additional 43% more likely to have said they would vote.“ Status Update: I’m Marching On Washington. Where’s Linked In?



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Half of Facebook users comment on photos once or twice a week and on an average day 20% of Facebook users comment on other’s photos. And that doesn’t include your boss who sees the photos but only comments on your employee record file.



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In general, Women drive the production and consumption of social media which may come as no surprise, it is often argued that women have better social skills than men and are more supportive when it comes to relationships. Men, because they have no social skills, can’t really argue with that.

“SNS users are disproportionately female (56%). Women also comprise the majority of email users (52% women), users of instant message (55%), bloggers (54%), and those who use a photo sharing service (58%).”



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“MySpace and Twitter users are the most racially diverse mainstream social network platforms. However, a large proportion of users of “other” social network services are racial minorities.” Twitter is The Global Village in 140 characters.


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