From Selfies To Selfie City To Douglas Harper: Directions in Visual Research

  Using photography to reveal hidden insights about how we really behave in the world has taken some new directions, from advertisers crowdsourcing selfies during the Super-Bowl, to Lev Manovich’s Selfie-City to the 1987 classic of visual ethnography by Douglas Harper Big Data has taught us many things, not least the fact that desk-bound number crunching is still attractive. Yet businesses and […]

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The Research and Craft of Travel photography: Matt Dutile interviews Philip Lee Harvey

There’s travel photography, taking a selfie in front of a landmark, then there’s Travel photography as discussed between photographers Matt Dutile and Philip Lee Harvey.  Everything you thought you wanted to know about travel photography but were afraid to ask. In the following interview Matt Dutile downloads the the Philip Lee Harvey’s Travel photography brain –  discover prep techniques, […]

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Research and Risk: Knowing Your Stuff

In a fast-changing world, Research is no longer a nice-to-have. Keeping on top of your craft or your business and being able to identify and make new opportunities requires the application of research insights. Here’s an overview of some exciting research-based work we’ll be exploring over the next few weeks There’s a classic case study from the industrial […]

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Researching Creativity: Another Escape Magazine

There’s a new wave of young creatives changing the publishing landscape, with different business models, a different editorial approach and a sophisticated use of photography. Rachel Maria Taylor and Jody Daunton editors of Another Magazine (A Creative Exploration) give us some insight on their journey into the lives of people living by their creativity I was in […]

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Optimise your Images for Search Engines #6 – Social Media and Copyright

Image Source: Cultura RF Social media is a massively underused tool by Photographers. Alex Jordan explains the benefits of being a social butterfly and how to negotiate that tricky balance of self-promotion vs copyright concerns Social media is an essential tool in developing reputation and gaining exposure. Unfortunately, for many of the photographers I’ve spoken […]

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