Frank Van Delft

Shooting a range of images for telecoms, banking and insurance, we followed Frank Van Delft as he covered concepts around ‘vitality’, ‘togetherness’ and ‘realism’

We ventured out of the office to work along side Dutch photographer Frank Van Delft. Frank has worked and lived in Breda, Amsterdam and London.  Having studied Fine Art, and shooting in a reportage style, Frank produces energetic and authentic images. working with Filmmaker Erwin De Boer, these gents collaborated to produce a series of dynamic images for the Cultura RF and Cultura RM Getty collection. Whilst working on the production “Business-On-The-Go” we took some ‘behind-the-scenes’ snaps.

Image Source/ Cultura RF

Frank had clear concepts in mind for this production – ‘vitality’, ‘togetherness’ and ‘realism’ – as well as focusing on industry clients such as advertising in telecoms, banking, and insurance.

Image Source / Cultura RF

In the 4 days that Frank visited the UK he carried out 4 shoots for us! Want to see more of Frank’s shoot, click here.

Image Source / Cultura RF

Frank and Erwin will be working together next year as they set out to create their new business venture ‘Double Dutch’ with Frank producing stills and Erwin the footage. Frank will be flying over to visit us again in December for his next production meeting with Image Source Art Directors Tom Laybourne & Tanya Lefevre, hopefully we’ll get to join them on another production soon!


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