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T-mobile’s lookalike wedding
T-mobile did the viral, Mario Testino the engagement, and Hugo Burnand is shooting the big day on his Hasselblad. But who would you choose to photograph the Royal baby pictures?

Wedding congratulations to T-Mobile on the most popular Royal Wedding viral, with around 13 million views; to Mario Testino (mum’s favourite) for the engagement snaps; and to Hugo Burnand (a minor toff, knows what to wear and where to stand) who is shooting the big day on Friday.



But, thinking ahead, who will get to do the baby pictures? Your expert advice needed! So far there’s no evidence of a revolutionary art-buying policy, but can we hope for something more edgy to mark any Royal births? There’s so much more photography and film can do to mark the great occasion. We suggest any new products from the royal bloodline would benefit from the skills of Jill Greenberg (who once got into trouble for deliberately upsetting the children in her pictures for visual effect) or even the celebrity-building talents of Annie Leibovitz, although the latter may have scotched her prospects with a controversial shoot – and filming – of the Queen, where her Majesty absolutely did not ‘walk out’ (it only seemed that way thanks to the BBC edit). Before we get marched off to the Tower of London, suggestions please on a photographer for this defining piece of Royal portraiture.



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