Andrea Jenkins for Impossible Film Project 


New film for Polaroid cameras promises vivid colors. And nostalgia.

Impossible, the company, ‘the project’, that promised us a dreamy analog future by manufacturing film for Polaroid cameras have just released the PX 680 Color Shade color film. Because the film is extra sensitive to light the company warn, “poor shielding will also result in a strong pink or orange haze over the picture.”  Orange haze? That’s catnip to Polaroid lovers, like saying to rock fans, “please do not place your Fender Stratocaster near your amplifier as it may produce feedback.”  Part of the Polaroid pleasure is the sheer randomness of the result, or at least the randomness you can produce while waving a photo around in the air. Wired magazine says of the new film ,”if you shield it from bright light after its birth and coddle it for four minutes, you’ll be rewarded with stunningly bright colors.”  You’ve a choice. Instagram, a digital app which wants to be analog. Or Impossible, an analog tech that wants the uptake of digital. Both with a community built from the passion for the way a particular camera technology pictures the world,  the galleries will help you decide.





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