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Advertisers and consumers are no longer looking for images of aspirational family life, but for something more realistic. But in the world of family stock photos is it possible to combine realism and aspiration? The observational work of photographer Dan Pangbourne suggests it is

The campaign that has set a tone for the family photograph in the UK was a recent one for Sainsbury’s supermarket.  With the UK economy still suffering the imagery’s downbeat optimism struck a chord with a nation tightening its belts, but perhaps going against the grain of more familiar family stock photos.

Image Source/RF Family Stock Photos

Inspired by the tone of the Sainsbury’s campaign, the series of images shot by photographer Daniel Pangbourne used a real family in a genuine family home in inner London. The chemistry between the participants is obvious, the Mum and boys are a real family while “dad” is a model “Dad” who works regularly with the family.

Image Source/RF Family Stock Photos

Shooting ads of families and family stock photos has never been more challenging. Consumers want to see imagery that registers something of their experience, but are not going to respond to downbeat images when considering where to go to buy cereal.

Image Source/RF Family Stock Photos

Daniel Pangbourne’s shoot, the models, the colour, the simple stories have an emotional warmth that is attractive in cold economic times.

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