Anonymous contributor to Dear Photograph
Dear Photograph reframes photos from the past in an image of the present. Magical and emotionally gripping


Certain tribes used to believe that a photograph steals the soul. It sounds ‘primitive’ to our hi-tech sophisticated ways but the ‘sentimental’ value we attach to images of family and friends suggest we also believe there is a certain magic to pictures.



That’s the feeling you get from Dearphotograph, a website which asks users to “take a picture of a picture from the past in the present.” Like a portal or a window in time, the past comes alive. Dearphotograph is a potent mix of technology and magic. The caption for the photo above reads, “Dear Photograph, I miss that playground. Anonymous”



Genuinely moving, stunningly simple, the honesty and creativity of its contributors make it a truly poetic exploration of the power of the photographic image.





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