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Prada viral directed by Roman Polanski

Luxurious new Prada movie, directed by Roman Polanski features very un-luxurious font

Is there a more interesting shorts production company than Prada at the moment. Their current viral A Therapy, ticks all the right boxes. Arty/Mainstream director? Check. Famous actor reprising familiar role as shrink? Ben Kingsley as Dr Squires in The Wackness, check. Famous actor reprising familiar role as eccentric? Helena Bonham Carter, The Red Queen in Alice, check.

3 minutes 30 of luxuriously shot footage, deft screenplay by Polanski and Ronald Harwood (The Dresser, The Pianist) and comedy ending. But what about the final message “Prada Suits Everyone” plastered on the screen, in a typeface that feels kind of ugly. Any thoughts on what it is?

As to why it’s there, it’s either a) Polanski didn’t have final cut and was told to insert the message, and let everyone know or b) the typeface, in generic Arial fashion, is the perfect expression of the idea “Prada Suits Everyone”. Though maybe it should have said “Prada Suits Anyone”.

As this viral adds to a line of classic Prada pieces, critics will no doubt be discussing for years to come, what does that font mean?


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