CREDIT: Polaboy
Art by day, light by night, the Polaboy is a giant luminous Polaroid frame. Cool but costly, one of these installations will set you back up to $6500. 


Polaboys, made by the German company Lightboys, are enlarged Polaroids to a scale of 10:1. The authentically washed-out-looking Polaroid image is backlit by LEDs and mounted in a silver wooden frame.


A limited edition run of Polaboys come with a print included, by artists such as professional skateborder/artist Ed Templeton and fashion photographer Terry Richardson. The prints are being sold through French shop Colette, and the print/frame combination costs up to $6500. But you can also use your own art. Send Lightboys either a print or a digital file, and they’ll print the image and send you a Polaboy for $3000. suggest the Polaboy is probably something you could knock up yourself for a much lower price. All you would need to do is pick up a large LED-powered backlight and get your image printed on a sufficiently large transparency. ‘It might not be quite as slick, but it would be remarkably affordable, and have a DIY aesthetic that any true lomographer would love.’


The ‘Polaroid Look’ has set the benchmark for authenticity in photography. The Image Source Monitor team set out to indentify the rules for authentic imagery, the Art Of Realism. An exponent of the authentic ‘Polaroidal’ look is the fStop, a brand represented by Image Source. View the collection here.


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