IKEA cookbook. Agency Forsman & Bodenfors. Photographer Carl Kleiner
Minimalist cookbook feeds consumer hunger for ‘unspun’ information

“An avant-garde, scientifically engineered baking book infused with the spirit of Japanese minimalism?” asked a ‘flabbergasted’ GQ magazine of IKEA’s Homemade is Best cookbook. Designed by Swedish design agency Forsman & Bodenfors, the cookbook has also just won Gold at The Andys. Satisfyingly arranged images, unlike most cookbooks which show us the finished product, Homemade is Best shows us images of neatly arranged ingredients. The easy symmetry of the pictures belie their highly studied arrangements. The cookbook ticks off elements of the IKEA brand but also gives a modernist spin on current food packaging trends, especially own-brand, which post-recession speak to consumers’ desire for plain-speaking imagery.


Image Source’s stock photos feed consumer need too.


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