CREDIT: ABBEY Road, without John and George


Historical revisionism with Photoshop. Two projects – one funny, the other serious – digitally remove the subjects of iconic images…



Jean-Marie Delbes and Hatim el Hihi have digitally removed dead band members from famous album covers for a project called LIVE! – Abbey Road without John and George, Tommy Ramone cutting a lonely figure for the Ramones’ self-titled debut album. Funny yet strangely sad – ‘rock and roll’ stars die young, researchers have proved it – and a demonstration of virtuoso Photoshop skills.



The Ramones, The Ramones.



Return to the 36 Chambers, Ol’ Dirty Bastard.




A project also concerned with digital erasure, visual artist Pavel Maria Smjkal has removed the subjects from iconic photographs. With his project Fatescapes, Smjkal forces us to question the veracity of historical images and the photojournalist’s role, their images more trusted in a pre-Photoshop era as accurate representations of reality.


CREDIT: Pavel Maria Smjkal. Beijing. Without the Tank Man, or the advancing column of tanks.



‘Using a simple Photoshop tool, Mr. Smejkal has reshaped these images and challenged us to confront the relationship of photographer, image and history in a manner that is profoundly unsettling’, wrote the New York Times. ‘Viewing Fatescapes encourages you to wonder if it even matters whether Mr. Adams’s general was misrepresented (a claim made by the photographer) or if Mr. Capa’s photo was not what it purported to be.’



On the Photoshop note, Jesse Rosten’s soon-to-be viral spoof cosmetics ad takes aim at the questionable claims of beauty products.



(Via Design Taxi, here and here)




The stock images from Image Source have only the most tasteful Photoshopping.


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