CREDIT: Photorito by Photojojo

The Photorito is a protective lens wrap that looks like a burrito. Why a burrito, you ask? Well… why not?


The faux-tortilla wrap is ‘made of super-tough Tyvek (the stuff hazmat suits are made of) and cushioned with neoprene.’ Made by Photojojo, whose headquarters are located in the ‘Burrito Capital of San Francisco’, they explain on their site ‘you know your lens will be safe even if you drop your bag off a cliff, get attacked by a pack of wild honey badgers, or get bored and need something to toss around. Plus, a clever burrito disguise means potential thieves will never suspect that you’re packing glass instead of pico de gallo.’ (But what if the thieves are looking to steal Mexican food?)




Photojojo are selling the Photorito for twenty dollars through their site. Mouth-watering?



Via Photojojo.




Looking at the food stock photos from Image Source might also make your mouth water.



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