Image of someone shot by Hidden, an app which tracks down lost or stolen Macbooks
New app uses photos to track down stolen Macbook 


You know that hurt, stupid, vulnerable feeling you get when you’ve been ripped off or had your stuff stolen? And you think the cops don’t have the time to be chasing up the guy who stole your stereo and your lovingly collected box of Folkways Records. And there’s no justice. Well it turns out that there is. A stolen MacBook was apparently recovered via an app, Hidden, which for $15 promises to “locate your stolen computer anywhere on the planet, collect photos of the thief and screen shots of the computer in use.” Joshua Kaufman had his MacBook stolen on March 21. On May 27 he set up a tumblelog and posted the photos of the man in possession of his laptop (who may or may not be the person who took it). He passed on all the info fro the App to the police who eventually tracked down the Macbook. We assume its all true, but even if it was an incredibly elaborate viral, we still want to believe. Photography as the long arm of the law. 



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