The Cat Scan Wesbite

Photography projects such as The Cat Scan generate a sudden burst of infectious enthusiasm that resemble the excitement and buzz of pop singles in days gone by


We are in a golden age of image-making invention, a burst of creativity around different ways of making and framing images, that’s sometimes daft, sometimes deep and sometimes both. The Cat Scan takes a hugely popular genre of internet imagery (pets and babies rule in the age of ‘share’ and ‘likes’) gives it a new take, and suddenly generates a buzz. The Cat Scan is simply that, an image of a cat on a scanner, prompted perhaps by the more common, medical kind of Cat Scan. Like a catchy pop single from days gone by, it may be daft but it’s also kind of kind of irresistible.


Dear Photograph, is more serious case in point, which takes the current fascination with old photographs (‘film’, polaroids) and gives a new take on images, memory and emotion by playing with images. While more serious than Cat Scan, it’s also really light and instantly gettable like a great pop hook.


All these projects have a smart idea, exist outside the mainstream which is part of the pleasure (though The Observer in London noted Dear Photograph this weekend) and give a voice to something new that followers enjoy being part of for a moment. They make us smile, feel, think. Just like the old, analogue world of the Pop single, the summer hit which captured a moment in time, these image projects are bright, winsome, unique ideas that connect with a mood of the moment, whether its the Macarena or Motown.


At the very least, The Cat Scan is definitely paws for thought.


Thanks itsnicethat



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