Steve Prezant

Grew up in small log cabin, like Abe Lincoln, he took the high road…I didn’t.


A shot of a single object that expresses a powerful memory/event?

I shot this maybe 30 years ago, and putting it together is a very happy memory: I set this up for a holiday card. I was walking down lower Fifth Avenue

in New York and saw this mural of Earth from the moon that was taken by the astronauts and thought that it was the coolest thing. I then saw, in a toy store the little rubber Santa Clause gumbies and remembered Gulliver¹s Travels. I found a willing model and went to work. The foreground is a 4×8 platform topped with sand and the background is the mural taped to a wall. I shot with only a single light to cast strong shadows to simulate the light on the moon.


You’ve got a blank room set, what would you create? Who would you cast? How would you light it?

I would have a beauty salon set and have Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sitting side by side having their hair done. Lighting, as I usually do, would be determined in the moment, based on what I see.

Three books that have inspired you?

Mike Disfarmer


Martin Parr


Sidney Lumet (Making Movies, his book)


Favourite photo you have taken?

Girl diving into public pool is one of my favourites.

It’s an example of why I always carry a camera and why I love photography. I was at an old amusement park in Pennsylvania, on a hot August day, there were huge lines at the diving boards to get into the water. Outside the pool fence, behind the diving boards, was a park bench. I stood up on the bench and started snapping just at the moment this woman leapt from the board. It creates a great photographic tension, her frozen, hanging in the air; yet it also it captures freedom and the happiness of summer for me. People (my wife) have told me they can’t stop looking at itŠ


What piece of equipment could you not live without?

My Fuji x100t (for the moment)


What was your first camera, do you still have it?

Retina 3c No,but I wish I did…


Best photo gadget under £50, in your opinion?

I¹m not sure if this applies,but the best little gadget I have is a credit card.

Post-prod software preference?

I use Lightroom CC for editing and global adjustments and Photoshop CC for specific retouching. (I used to own them outright but the big bullies changed their ways and forced me into a subscription plan)

Tips on digital storage/back-up?

Just do it.

A lot.

I use exterior back up hard drives with Super Duper software.

What is the most un-techie thing you incorporate into your image makingŠ?

Taking pictures is really a very easy endeavour, especially since the digital age hit photography square in the face. The most important thing for me is that before I set up or put a camera to my eye, I decide what I want to say about what I¹m about to shoot. I make a judgement about the scene in some way and reflect that in my imagery. That¹s not something digital will ever be able to replace.


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