Shayd Johnson

Shayd Johnson is a freelance travel & lifestyle photographer based in Vancouver, BC. He works closely with his team at Monument Creatives to deliver film, stills & social marketing and is working hard to chase the unknown. His past work includes portraits of the star of NBC’s Parks & Recreation, Nick Offerman, lifestyle photography for Huckberry & Shayd was featured in the New York Times for his contribution to a hockey game at 6000 feet in the mountains. When he is not traveling he is searching for cabins, exploring side roads and playing games of crib and sipping whiskey.


Three books that have inspired you?

Cabin Porn, Shoe Dog, Into Thin Air… all very different, but inspiring.

A shot of a single object that expresses a powerful memory/event?


Favourite photo you have taken?

My favourite photo is always changing… sometimes I’ll go back and be surprised by a shot that I overlooked at the time, sometimes my favourite becomes my least favourite. I recently did a 3500 mile road trip through the states, on my way back up the coast of California, we stopped in Big Sur… I’ve seen so many great photos of this area and had to stop to get some shots, to me I was disappointed that I showed up during a misty period where the sun was shining from behind, not my ideal lighting condition but I snapped some shots and when I imported them, one of them stood out… It surprised me that I was able to capture something beautiful despite the unfavourable lighting conditions… anyway, I’m sure it will change again next week.


What has been your favourite adventure?

I’ve been blessed with many great opportunities and adventures so far, but one that sticks out for me is building an ice rink at 6000 feet for a game of hockey with some NHL players, friends and a few helicopters.

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 If you could explore space or the sea (with no risks!) where would you choose?

Space for sure, I am obsessed with the unknown of space, time travel, aliens, new discoveries.

Where has been the most beautiful place you’ve visited?

Lake Lovely Water in BC, a remote lake accessible by a gnarly river crossing and a 7km hike or a short helicopter ride. There weren’t many people there and the reward is epic, you are surrounded by glacier mountains, aqua blue glacier water, a beautiful hut equipped with canoes and fishing rods and complete wilderness…


Where is the weirdest place that you have slept?

I once slept on a cargo ship docked in Seattle… My friend & I forgot to book an AirBnB for the first night of our trip, so we were homeless for a night, we biked around the city until around 1am, couldn’t find a decent place to sleep, so we decided to pass security on the docks and sneak aboard a large ship. I was pretty sure the ship was going to take off in the morning, but luckily it kept us warm for the night and we got a few hours of shut eye before sneaking off again before sunset.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you choose?

I’ve had dreams of living somewhere in Scandinavia, I love the idea of setting roots in Copenhagen or maybe Norway and spend my time exploring the mountains and fjords and soaking in the Nordic culture.


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