Philipp Nemenz

Born in Stuttgart 1976, I lived the Swabian lifestyle. After school I worked as an assistant in a big studio in Stuttgart, which eventually led me to live and work in Canada for 2 years. I came back to further my studies in photography in Munich, since then, life for me is working and living with 3 kids and my girlfriend in Munich.
What does a normal day look like for you?

Getting up with the kids, coffee, walk to my studio, another coffee, checking emails and then I begin to work on projects; taking pictures, organising jobs and drinking the next coffee…

What defines your style as a photographer?

I try to shoot in the moment and capture a glimpse of the real person I’m working with. So even if everything is set up, it still has to look natural and authentic.

You get to work with beautiful people and top publications, how do you think the representation of female models has changed within the industry?

I think it has changed in such a way that clients who used to book the typical commercial model will now look for more real or sometimes more distinctive looking women. This is a step in the right direction but if I’m honest there is still a way to go for women to have the representation they deserve! It is sometimes still very stereotyped.

How do you engage audiences with your imagery, is there a narrative to how you shoot?

Even if a shoot is planed very well I try to be spontaneous, which is something that I expect my team. We always strive to create pictures that are outstanding.

If you could jet-off to anywhere in the world right now with no limits, where would you go and what would you shoot?

Probably New York or Los Angeles to take portraits of people.


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