Pablo Calvo

From a very early age Pablo was captivated by looking at the world through a lens. He spent his childhood filming short movies and other videos with his friends. He was attracted to the idea of creating his own worlds and dreamt of doing so for the rest of his life.

He has previous experience in marketing, design and advertising and creates high quality images commercial and editorial photography. In 2008 Pablo created his photographer company, with a focus on advertising and fashion. 

In 2011 he delved into the stock world, with a contemporary approach and style, which can be seen in his lifestyle imagery.


What websites/blogs/people do you draw inspiration from?  Who do you follow on Instagram?

There are many photographers who inspire me and it is very difficult to select only a few of those I usually follow. Some of them are Noe Dewitt, Greg Hinsdalen, Nick Onken, Kate Powers, Sam Robinson, Sarah Kehoe, Christa Renee, Kelly Fajack and Thayer Allyson Gowdy.

Please can you take a photograph of your kitbag, highlighting your favourite item, why you like it and a time when it has saved you! #everydaycarry

Right now the camera I’m using is the Nikon D810. I like it a lot because of the dynamic range it has. 

A few months ago, in a photo shoot at the beach, my assistant dropped the memory card into the water while he was changing it but one of the features that this camera has like many others is that you can save the images on two memory cards at the same time. I used to not use both cards at the same time because it makes the workflow slower and you never think that an accident like this will happen! Fortunately this time I had the two cards in the camera and all the photos were safe. Since then I always check that the two cards are being used.

Do you have a visual diary of your adventures and/or a favourite shot?

Right now no, but soon I will start to post videos and photos of “behind the scene” on YouTube and  Instagram and I will speak about them in my blog:

How do you engage audiences with your imagery, is there a narrative to how you shoot?

I am always posting content on social networks. We all have in our hands the ability to promote our content around the world and it is always interesting to look for new ways to make your work known.

I come from fashion photography and design. So I guess somehow this is always present in my images. I always try to show a very aesthetic point of view.  It is important to strive to show your own point of view because in the end it is the only thing that will differentiate your work from that of others.

One ambition?

Continue working on stock photography for at least another 90 years!


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