Meg Webster

Los Angeles based photographer, avid roadtripper, and loving dog-mama to the sweetest ol’lady around Highland Park…with a BFA in Fine Art/Photography from Otis College of Art & Design.

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Photographing Generation Z

What websites/blogs/people do you draw inspiration from?  Who do you follow on Instagram?

My commercial work tends to live in the fashion/lifestyle world with the focus on girl culture, so it might not surprise you to hear that more often than not, when I’m discussing concept and overall look with creatives they always reference ZARA ( I’m also infatuated with a company out of SF called Dolls Kill ( it’s cool-girl centric with an edge-y nudge.  I love the risk-takers, what can I say?!  Lastly, but certainly not least, I’m constantly inspired by the local LA brand ( and their fabulous creative director @JenGotch. SO.MUCH.FUN. check em’ out!

Beyond the commercial side, I love:

Darling magazine (@Darling)

Magnum photography (@Magnumphotos)

Hamburger Eyes (@hamburger_eyes)

Tiny Atlas Quarterly (@tinyatlasquarterly)

Olafur Eliasson (@studioolafureliasson)

Wonderland Mag (@wonderland)

National Geographic (@natgeo)

Monster ChildrenRookie

What’s your approach for casting your models? Do you use an agency, friends, scout?

All of the above!  Locally, I’ve worked closely with Industry Model Management, and Next Models LA.  Beyond that, I believe some of the most interesting subjects in our lives are closer than we may suspect.  Some of my favourite photos are of quirky neighbours, relationships first-born out of awkward one-liners, which then turned in to more intimate stories within my world.

I always feel really lucky when people agree to let me photograph them in their private space, it’s a privilege earned out of trust, and sometimes over deep conversations on the stoop with a high-life in hand.  I’ve also had people reach out over Instagram, through some rabbit-hole they found me and said ‘hey what’s up!’   I always take that opportunity, who knows who’s on the other side??  It doesn’t really matter in the end.  Regardless of the other person involved in the collaboration proposed, I enter it thinking, “well (shrug), throw it at me!  I’m f*cking good and I’m gonna make something worth looking twice at today.”

When taking photos of post-millenials do you think technology goes hand in hand?

No, not at all, in fact, I cringe to think the possession of hand-held technology defines an entire generation.  I would never argue that it isn’t highly influential in post-millenial culture, but in my personal vision and storytelling, I strive to illuminate alternative interests, and hope to reinforce the glorious fact that there is life worth living beyond the phone!

How would you shoot post-millenials without any technology present?  Where are they?  What do they do? What do they like?

I have a few thoughts for you, keep in mind this is coming from my Californian perspective, so take it as you will.

Serious Foodies wrapped up in the treasure hunt for the next mouth-watering “it” culinary creation.  I have witnessed lines that rival black Friday shopping madness at Christmas-time.  For Instance, there’s Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, famous for their “cruffin” complete with the perfect selfie spot, boasting  a neon sign reading “I got baked in Los Angeles.”  Down the road there’s Donut Friend, famous for their vegan options and DIY donuts.  I once met a girl who travelled all the way from Northern Ireland to eat one of their donuts!  Cross my heart!  The Kogi truck used to tweet out a different secret parking spot everyday and their young fans would flock for kimchi tofu burritos.  I have to sheepishly admit, that I once waited in line for 3 hours (!!!) with a foodie friend for a Howlin’ Rays hot chicken sandwich.  Talk about understanding the true meaning of “hangry!”  And the line never waned, on the contrary, it grew! Just a steady flow of hip 20-30 somethings poised to capture that prize.  It’s all about the chase, the treasure hunt, getting that golden gram that tells the world ‘I was here’, I did it!

#glutenfree #jk #eatclean #alwayshungry #foodporn #foodoftheday

Music makers and lovers.  Music is a global, unifying phenomenon that crosses oceans, languages, and generations.  The festival season is in full swing here in Cali at the moment.  Probably the best and worst example I can give you is #Coachella…nuf said. #anykendricklamarlyrics

Adventure Seekers. It’s no secret that the Californian landscape lends itself to beautiful weekends out in nature, but the thrill of a roadtrip, a sunset hike, a campfire with friends, is very much worthy of an instagram post.  Maybe over half of my feed is photo after photo of cool outdoor adventuring from all over the world.   Dudes, like @JayAlvarrez, are making a living jumping out of hot air balloons with Go-Pros in exotic locales.  It’s a thing.  The New Yorker just published a story written by Rachel Monroe on #Vanlife, formally outing the subculture of post-millenials living in oldschool VW vans travelling from gorgeous beaches to stunning mountain scenes, spending their days surfing and biking.  I love a local group called LASwimmin (@la_swim) that organizes group hikes to natural swimming holes and promotes ecological awareness by including trash cleanup as an important part of the event.  They draw a big number of experienced cliff jumpers high on adrenaline that put on quite a show too, super rad.

#vanlife #gypsylife #staywild #ventureout #livewildbefree #travelstoke #liveoutdoors #travelawesome #beoutside #allgoodneverbetter #instagoodmyphoto

Let’s not forget the Students and Activists.  As an art school student, my work was subjected to 6 hour critiques, which at the time felt like the most raw form of torture, but since graduating and entering the working world, I can’t say I’ve had the luxury of a critical discussion with a group of fellow artists in such an intense and stimulating manner.  It was honest and #irl (in real life, no hiding behind screens).  Certainly, technology and education go hand in hand, but University life is a unique microcosm where debate and the free exchange of ideas is fostered within a community of your peers.   Increasingly, I see newer generations raising their physical voice(s), and joining the fight against social injustice in a big way. Putting feet to pavement, holding hand-written signs of protest as University tuitions hike, racial tensions spike, and basic healthcare is under assault.  Perhaps more inflammatory is the attack on scientific theory studied and taught in our top schools currently touted as lies by the powers that be.  Oh the complete irony of it all!  I have no specific hashtags to share with you; it is not my intention to begin a political rant on the current state of affairs in the U.S. and abroad.  I simply think it’s a mistake to categorize an entire new generation of human beings as being reduced to a group ruled by hand-held technology and facebook news.


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