Manuela Larissegger

Manuela’s work appears playful and colourful, using a soft and feminine visual language.


Three books that have inspired you?

I first had the notion to become a photographer when I was looking through a thick British Vogue! My favourite Vogues are the German, English and Italian.

I’m a fan of Haruki Murakami

I find graphic design very inspiring, the last book I acquired was Precursor – the creativity watchlist by Gestalten

 Favourite photo you have taken? 

I don’t have just one favourite photo I have taken.. right now its one of my latest shooting I did on the last summer days with a Cadillac de Ville and flowers. the idea was to create something magical. 


A shot of a single object that expresses a powerful memory/event? 

I have thought about this question a lot and to be honest in those events I don’t think about taking a picture, I live it and feel it! The shot is in my head!

 How do you view Generation Z, the Post-Millennials and their approach to shooting?

I guess one thing to define this Generation are selfies! Shooters are very self-confident these days and they have a global audience. The approach to shooting is digital, from iPhone to online in just one click! Using digital platforms to reach a diverse and international community, as well as supporters.

Do you think analogue is a dead format in commercial photography?

Analogue will never be dead, I strongly believe that, in commercial photography on the other hand it’s rarely seen anymore. 

Do you miss the dark room?

Yes I do miss the dark room, last time I have been in the dark room was in college!


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